Maxim Kantor. "Family vs Empire" - "Rodzina kontra Imperium".
Muzeum Narodowe w Gdansku

9 October - 11 December 2016
Maxim Kantor. "Le nouveau bestiaire". L'Abbaye de Neumunster, Centre Culturel, Luxembourg
16 September - 2 November 2016

Maxim Kantor. Peinture. Galerie Simoncini, Luxembourg

15 September - 1 November 2016
Complete Ballads of Robin Hood.
Translated and illustrated by Maxim Kantor.
Moscow: AST, 2015
november 2015
Sala Verdi del Conservatorio, Milan, Italy
Video series: Maxim Kantor pictures

20 april 2015 21:00
The Rape of Europe
Two-days International Symposium and Opening of the exhibition
by Maxim Kantor.
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
and Gallery ART XXI, Geneve
october 2014
Handmade by Reiter-Druck Studio, Berlin
april 2014
Maxim Kantor. ATLANTIS. Palazzo Zenobio, Venice
1 June - 10 Sept 2013
RED LIGHT. The novel. Published by AST, Moscow, 2013
april 2013
Artist's book Henrich von Kleist. Die Hermannsschlaht.
Handmade by Reiter-Druck Studio, Berlin
march 2013
Maxim Kantor. VULCANO. Personal exhibition. Fondazione Stelline. Milan
26 Oct 2012 - 6 Jan 2013
Maxim Kantor. Paintings and graphic.
State Russian Museum. Marble Palace. St Petersburg
21 June - July 2012
Volcano. A two day symposium
co-organised by the Department of Politics and International Relations
and the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
12-13 May 2012
Crossing the Red Sea. Pictures by Maxim Kantor in St Merri Church, Paris
25 April - 25 May 2012

Maxim Kantor. Vulcanus. Satires dans tous les sens.
Paintings and graphics. Musee du Montparnasse. Paris

6 April - 6 May 2012
"Atlas.Vulcanus". Blattern und Gemalde.
Galerie Nierendorf, Berlin
15 April - 16 September 2011
"The Easter Procession" by Maxim Kantor in St Merry Church, Paris
April 2011
"Dustpan and Broom". Collection of short stories and poems.
Published in Russian. Moscow: A.S.T., 2010
December 2010

The new graphic cycle "Vulcanus.Atlas" presented in Moscow,
Central House of Architect

2 December 2010

Pictures by Maxim Kantor at St Dominic Priory Church, Brussels

from 19 May 2010

Maxim Kantor's Art Shows in Oxford:
- "Russian Intelligensia: Motor and Victim of Social Changes",
St. Antony College
- "Artist and Politics", Foster Building
- "Christian Art Today", Mansfield Chapel

26/27 April - 10 May 2010

The Art Catalogue "One is enough" (in Russian & English)
published by A.S.T., Moscow

April 2010
The detective stories "Lonely smoker's advices" published in Russian.
Moscow, A.S.T.: ASTREL, 2010
Ffebruary 2010

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