" The Sedar and Man. Phillips London, 13 July 2023

""Eagle's Nest" at "20th Century and Contemporary Art Day Sale" Phillips London  2022

 Newspaper" at Phllips de Pury "Contemporary Art" day sale. 2010

"Leftovers" at "Contemporary East" Sotheby's sale. 2014

"Newspaper" at Phllips de Pury "Contemporary Art" day sale. 2010

"Portrait of Pope John Paul II" and "Dog from the red city" at Sotheby's "Russian Paintings". 2008

"Red Tower" at Sotheby's "Russian Contemporary Sale". 2008

"Big still-life with three glasses" at Sotheby's "Russian Paintings". 2008

"Structure of Democracy" and "Unlimited Edition" at Phillips de Pury "Contemporary Art" evening sale. 2008

"Poor People" and "Naked" at Sotheby's. "Russian Art Paintings". 2007

"Ten stray dogs" by Maxim Kantor at Sotheby's "Modern and contemporary Russian Art". 2007

"Bull's skull" and "Butyrka" at Phillips de Pury. 2008